Safety & Assurance

We are licensed by MAS since 1998. We handled more than 450,000 transactions in just 2013 alone, with a transactional volume exceeding 2 billion Singapore dollars. Our repeat customers make up 90% of our entire customer base.

In the event that your beneficiary does not receive the funds, it could mean that due to inaccurate information, the bank was unable to deposit the funds into the intended recipient’s account. The funds will then be returned back to us and you will be informed irrespective of the reason via SMS.

These are some of the reasons:

  • Account closure due to inactivity or other various reasons
  • Incompatible currency account
  • Outstanding payables to the bank
  • Change in typographical layout of beneficiary name (applicable to China bank only)

No, service charge is not refundable as we have already paid the bank for their services. Since your Sing dollar have been converted to a foreign currency, we will use the prevailing rate to convert back to Sing dollar. You will get more or less the same amount you paid us depending on rate fluctuation. We would return fund only in Singapore currency.

No, there is no change in exchange rate, it will be based on the original rate. There may be a bank service charge again to cover our cost.

These are the reasons why you should use us:

  • We source the best exchange rate for our customers.
  • Our staff are specialised in remittance matters and are able to advise and assist you promptly.
  • We pay prompt and fast, within the same day for certain countries.
  • Our operation hours are from 9 am to 9.30 pm for your convenience.
  • Simple procedures and convenient payment mode.

All of our customer's information is private and confidential; it will not be released to anybody, this includes closest-of-kin, like your wife or children. We will only release the information to relevant authorities who demand it on statutory or legislative ground.

We accept cash, cheques, ATM/Bank Transfer and NETs.